I'm ready to level up!

Making the unbelievable, believable.


I empower ambitious humans to make world-class their new standard by sharing life hacks, systems and habits that the world's most successful badasses implement.

I'm ready to level up!

Life's too short to settle for mediocrity


So many people have one major regret - they wish they had led with conviction based on their core principles, and not led the way society dictated them to. We need more leaders in the world who can empower their people to strive for world-class results in all area's.

I offer a proven system to help you lead with absolute passion, and a definite purpose.

I'm ready to live life on my terms!

I care about you leading your life at a world-class level. No great leader should have to go it alone.


Having won seven World championship titles, successfully grown two businesses and coached a vast array of executive clients; I know what it takes to empower people who know that they want more from their personal and professional life.

I'm ready to level up my life!

It's your life. 

Make sure YOU call the shots.



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Leadership: from Mediocre to World-Class


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1:1 Coaching

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It's as easy as one, two, three! 


The Purpose-Driven Pathway


1. Decide that YOU are worth investing in.  


2. Follow my proven success path. 


3. Intentionally lead with purpose.

I'm ready to level up!

Billy McLachlan

- CEO, BJM Property and Serial Entrepreneur


Calling James' coaching a game-changer is a mere understatement. It’s more like my perspective of life and trajectory has been monumentally improved for the betterment of everyone that surrounds me and also my businesses.

My coaching experience with James has absolutely changed the way I go about life in all areas. When I have someone like James in my corner.. striving for greatness becomes more and more conceivable than I ever could have imagined. 

Gwyn Thomas

- General Manager, POD Consulting

I really enjoy James' friendly, approachable style and he has the ability to hold me to account and push me when I need it.

I needed to work through some options with my life and business, and James was able to help me think clearly and drill down to what really mattered.

100% recommend James to help you get where you want to go.

Dr Jen Warner

- Rural and Remote Physician 

Over the last 3 years I have worked with James and find his reflections and insights invaluable!

His intuitive and giving nature helped me to successfully transition into new personal, professional and business ventures.

He has a keen ability to ensure that I remain accountable through this process I find that have a much better ability to achieve the goals that I set out. 

A seven-time world champion, Leadership strategist & coach, author, dad and an incredibly passionate human. 

James' greatest joy is empowering others to create world-class habits and beliefs so they can lead with purpose.