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Meet James Laughlin.

A world-renowned strategist in High Performance Leadership and Personal Mastery, James has transformed top athletes, CEOs, and organizations globally through his compelling international keynotes and coaching. A seven-time world champion musician and history-making team leader, he also serves as Canterbury Rugby's mental skills coach. James hosts the chart-topping 'Lead on Purpose' podcast, engaging with world leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs to share insights on leading with conviction and achieving excellence. 

So, if you’re looking for someone genuine and authentic in their delivery, James can help.

Whether you're trying to motivate and inspire your entire team, or you're interested in motivating your senior leaders, James will not only inspire your team, but he'll also equip them with strategies, tools and a roadmap for success.

Fulton Hogan

"James was a hit, to all our staff.  Everyone I spoke to absolutely loved him and thought he was the best speaker we have ever had!

Our staff even had some great questions for him at the end, so everyone was engaged."

Christchurch International Airport

"Exceptional presenter who eloquently weaved lessons of best practice with real life stories that kept the audience captivated for the whole session. One of the best speakers we have ever had and immediately received requests to have James back to share more of his humble wisdom with our leadership team. Bravo!"

Annual auto centre conference

"When we were looking for a Keynote Speaker, we wanted a speaker who could engage with our network on multiple levels while delivering key messages. James absolutely fulfilled what we were looking for and more. James was an absolute highlight at our conference."


"Absolutely a privilege to have James speak at our company's conference. The team was all buzzing afterward. We highly recommended James."

James talks about:

Leadership | Habits | Personal Mastery | Change | High-Performance Culture | Well-being | Productivity | Strategy & Planning

Signature Keynotes:


The High Performance Habit

The groundbreaking method to achieving peak performance in life and business

The High-Performance Habit keynote is a transformational journey that reveals the groundbreaking methods for achieving peak performance in every aspect of life and business. James' unique perspective, as a seven-time world champion and expert in leadership and personal mastery, offers unparalleled insights into the art of excelling. This keynote is a blend of science-backed strategies and personal stories of resilience and success, designed to inspire and equip audiences for their path to high performance.

The High-Performance Habit keynote resonates with a broad audience, including corporate teams, entrepreneurs, educators, and anyone eager to elevate their performance. It's particularly beneficial for those looking to enhance leadership, sales, innovation, and personal mastery in both their professional and personal lives.


Next-Level Leadership: Wisdom from the World’s Best

Applying World-Class Lessons to Achieve Personal and Professional Mastery

In the Next-Level Leadership keynote, James unveils the distilled wisdom of the world's elite, offering a rare glimpse into the strategies that have propelled these individuals to the pinnacle of success. This keynote transcends a traditional lecture, evolving into an immersive experience where the lessons of global leaders are interwoven with actionable strategies, enabling attendees to elevate their personal and professional lives to unprecedented heights.

As the host of an award-winning and globally recognized podcast, James delves into the minds of the world's most influential figures, extracting transformative insights. With a listener base spanning across continents, James has conversed with prime ministers, F1 teams, Fortune 500 CEO’s, industry pioneers, and Olympians, gleaning wisdom that transcends conventional leadership and personal development paradigms.

The Next-Level Leadership keynote is designed for a broad audience spectrum, from corporate executives and emerging leaders to entrepreneurs and ambitious teams. Anyone keen on transcending their current boundaries and exploring the zenith of their potential will find this keynote invaluable.


James also creates customised speeches and multi-event leadership series for clients.

If you are interested in customised keynotes or a multi-date series on the topics of Wellbeing, Motivation, Leadership, Confidence, High-Performance, Productivity, Strategy and Influence email [email protected]



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