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A little about James:




Seven-time world champion

International keynote speaker

Mental skills coach for Canterbury Rugby 

Executive coach to global CEO's

Host of the Lead On Purpose podcast

ICF Certified Coach

High-performance Leadership Trainer and Consultant

Certified Exponential Coach

Winner of 20+ World and National gold medals

James Laughlin stands at the forefront of High Performance Leadership and Personal Mastery, earning global recognition as a pioneering strategist in the field. As a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, James captivates and inspires diverse audiences worldwide with his compelling insights and transformative messages. His extensive experience spans working with elite performers and leading organizations, including professional athletes, influential CEOs, and multinational corporations, empowering them to lead with unwavering conviction and achieve remarkable success. 


James' unique approach is grounded in his proprietary frameworks and models, meticulously designed to equip individuals with the essential tools for achieving personal mastery. His profound impact extends to a wide array of high achievers, from PGA tour professionals to executives of billion-dollar enterprises, guiding them to unlock their full potential and excel in their respective fields. 


Beyond his strategic expertise, James' extraordinary journey as a musician, marked by seven world championship titles, showcases his exceptional ability to foster talent and cultivate winning mindsets. His remarkable feat of leading an underdog team to world championship glory has become a testament to his leadership prowess and strategic acumen. 


In his pivotal role as the mental skills coach for Canterbury Rugby‚ÄĒone of the southern hemisphere's most esteemed professional sports teams‚ÄĒJames applies his understanding of resilience and peak performance to enhance the team's competitive edge.¬†


Further amplifying his influence, James hosts the #1 ranked Lead on Purpose podcast on Apple Podcasts, where he engages with a global audience by interviewing world-renowned leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, and industry giants. Through this platform, James shares invaluable leadership insights and strategies, reinforcing his status as a luminary in the realms of leadership and personal mastery.

How I went from 9-5 boredom to purpose-centred and passion-focused.


I didn't have a smooth ride into a life of purpose and freedom.

I started off in a small town in the north of Ireland, with loving parents and a humble upbringing.

Teenage-hood presented some challenges and I lost my way in school. Fortunately, I found passion in drumming - becoming a two time world champion by the age of fourteen.

I quickly realised...

"I'm not keen to follow the herd."


Global roaming, earthquakes, marriage, miscarriage & massive professional growth 


I spent my early twenties roaming the world, creating income by setting up an international education & retail company.

My mid-twenties saw me get married in Australia, live through several massive earthquakes in New Zealand and settle into a mediocre 9-5 existence within the education sector.

And in the next few short years before I turned thirty I:

  • Won seven world titles and multiple national titles
  • Published two books
  • Traversed a miscarriage
  • Established a real estate portfolio

It was my 30's that brought about monumental change...


Finn came into my world, gifting me the opportunity to be a Dad. And boy oh boy has it been the most amazing experience ever.

I stepped away from the 9-5.

I retired from international competing so I could be a present dad...

I consciously uncoupled with Finn's mum.

And last but not least, I founded Laughlin Leadership.

I discovered that living a life of purpose was NOT at odds with helping other people do the same



As a seven-time world champion performer and sought-after leadership coach, I was able to create a powerful framework to help CEOs, professional sports teams and global leaders make world-class their new standard.

My mission is to equip leaders with the tools to transform their organisations, one leader at a time. I do this through the Lead On Purpose Podcast where I interview former heads of state, fortune 100 CEO's, high performers and thought leader's including:

  • Sir John Key, former Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Kieran Read, former All-Blacks Rugby captain and world champion
  • Anthony Trucks, former NFL star and American Ninja Warrior
  • Nabeela Ixtabalan, COO of Walmart Canada
  • Rachel Hunter, former supermodel and actress
  • Vahan Yepremyan, LA-based Film Producer and INC 5000 entrepreneur

I learned how to get rid of the "Time Thief"... 


... to ensure that I will never have to explain to my son Finn why I missed another sports game or musical performance.




By intentionally leading my life ON PURPOSE.


One step at a time.

Over the years I've developed a reputation for helping people to find their purpose and grow as leaders "one step at a time"


I dive deep into the finer details of leading life and business with world-class as the measuring stick. I help others to create sustainable, world-class habits and beliefs.


I'm able to do this because I teach what I know.


I coach what I've personally done to build a life of purpose, going from bored and uncertain to passionate and decisive.  To lead great companies, to lead a health-centred life, to lead a life of freedom... it all comes down to a simple framework. I've also helped many others become world champions, build epic businesses and take their leadership to new heights.


If you like what you're reading, and want to get started right away - then get in touch with me today.


Are you ready to take the REAL needle-moving action steps to lead passionately and create a legacy you're proud of?



I know you're ready to do the work.


That's why you're here.


You wouldn't have read this far if you weren't one of the top 5% of humans, truly committed to an INCREDIBLE life.


You've come this far, and I know you just want to make sure you're doing the RIGHT work at the RIGHT time. And feel certain that every bit of effort you invest will pay off ten-fold.


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