with James Laughlin



James offers different workshops to help you level-up and take your Personal Mastery to the next level!

The Seven Laws of Leadership™

In the dynamic Seven Laws of Leadership programme, James Laughlin distills the essence of effective leadership into seven foundational laws: Example, Communication, Growth, Decision, Possibility, Empathy, and Clarity. This half-day workshop is designed to empower leaders with a shared vernacular of leadership, fostering unity, understanding, and effectiveness in guiding teams towards common goals.

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The Success Planning Method™

James Laughlin's Success Planning Method workshop offers a comprehensive approach to goal setting and achievement, providing participants with a robust framework to identify their personal North Star and mission. Tailored to empower individuals and senior leadership teams alike, this program is designed to clarify long-term visions, streamline annual objectives, and enhance day-to-day task management through effective planning strategies.

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The High Performance Leadership Workshop™

James Laughlin's HPL™ programme is a transformative journey embraced by thousands, including the Army, professional sports teams and corporate teams. This full-day workshop is dedicated to unlocking personal mastery and cultivating leadership from within, guiding participants through the Seven Pillars of High Performance: Vision, Desire, Belief, Self-Discipline, Habits, Self-Evaluation, and Growth.

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