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35 Lessons in 35 Years

May 13, 2021

Birthdays often inspire a touch of introspection for me. I spend my birthdays with loved ones, enjoying simple pleasures and looking inwards at the lessons I've learned over the years. 

I wanted to share the thirty five life lessons I've learned over the last thirty five years thanks to my parents, grandparents, family, friends and mentors. Some of the lessons came from some very challenging moments - navigating natural disasters, miscarriage and separation. And some of the lessons came from the highs of world championship victories, becoming a father and connections with loved ones.

If any of my personal lessons can serve you in any way, then I'll be delighted. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know which one you most resonate with.


  1. Follow your vision, not the crowd
  2. Always endeavor to be kind. 
  3. Make your mind your friend. 
  4. Clarity breeds mastery.
  5. Keep good company. 
  6. Never suffer fools gladly.
  7. March to the beat of your own drum. 
  8. How you do anything, is how you do everything. 
  9. Your life is too important to give it to distractions. 
  10. Fight for what you believe in. 
  11. Stand up and be counted. 
  12. Never outstay your welcome. 
  13. What comes from the heart, reaches the heart. 
  14. If you weren’t afraid of it, it would be done already. 
  15. Your micro habits create your macro life. 
  16. For some to love you, some must loathe you. 
  17. The opposite of negativity is not positivity, it’s action. Moving forward is the key.
  18. Beneath every excuse lays a fear. 
  19. If you don’t make time for health, you’ll need to make time for illness. 
  20. Be the joy. 
  21. Be relentless in the pursuit of excellence. 
  22. Growth is uncomfortable, but inaction is painful. 
  23. Small consistent steps will result in magnificent outcomes. 
  24. Lead with love. Always. 
  25. Adversity is life’s greatest teacher. Accept it, embrace it and keep moving. 
  26. Be there for your family when they most need you. But don’t be overbearing. 
  27. Dream big. But ensure you take action on your ideas. 
  28. Lead with kindness and a smile. Always let your heart guide your soul. 
  29. Listen “between” the lines. 
  30. The most interested person in the room is the most interesting person in the room. 
  31. Give, give and then give some more. 
  32. The morning hour presents profound insights and opportunities for creative genius. 
  33. Wanting happiness for others cannot begin until you find it for yourself. 
  34. Greatness is on the other side of pain. Go get it. 
  35. Of all the things any of us have in this life, love is the greatest, truest and most precious gift we will ever receive. 


Much love and gratitude for all of your continued support.