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The Roundtable™

Build your influence by connecting directly with global leadership titan's and take your leadership to new heights with world-class high performance coaching.


Join like-minded
business leaders

Secure a seat at the table. Elevate your leadership edge with monthly high performance group coaching, masterminds and intimate Q&A's with some of the world's most influential leaders. As an added bonus you will receive two complimentary passes to the HPL™ LIVE event and access to Ask James Mondays for more personalised coaching support.

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Take your leadership to the next level alongside your influential peers in a monthly roundtable mastermind, a combination of virtual and in-person throughout the year. High levels of accountability are part and parcel of the Roundtable.


Proximity is power. Connect intimately with global leadership titans in monthly Q&A's - a combination of virtual and in-person. Many of the special guests will be from The Lead On Purpose podcast including former world leaders, Fortune 500 CEO's and influential game-changers.


Receive cutting-edge high performance training on a monthly basis, with renowned leadership coach, James Laughlin. Your entire team can also access these LIVE virtual trainings.

what others have to say
about James

Sam Whitelock

Professional Rugby Player


One of the biggest things I enjoyed about working with James' group was the connection that all of the members had which created a really special space for everybody to be vulnerable. It allowed me to stop and think, and really say what was on my mind. 


The beauty of it is that that you have variety and diversity and a collection of great leaders who are all willing to share and open up with ideas and resources.  


James created a great balance for all participants to get the most out of the group.  

Leslie Bost

CEO & Founder


Thanks to James, I've been breaking records, reducing stress and loving where I am in my career.  I am now loving the same journey that used to keep me awake at night.  


He is an impeccable coach and trainer.

Brad Yates

Business Owner


It can be difficult when you’re the leader of a business because you are expected to know everything, but that’s not always the case. James provides an opportunity to connect with other great leaders to share challenges and visions.


To achieve massive success, you've got to associate with like-minded people. You've got to associate with a group that brings the best out in you.


James' programs are crucial in life to be able to do that, both professionally and personally.

Secure your seat at the leadership table.

Ensure you have the skillset, mindset and peer-set; to thrive as a leader, grow your revenue and develop a high-performance culture. James has delivered thousands of hours of coaching and training to highly successful CEO's, professional athletes and high-performing organisations. 


As a seven-time world champion and sought-after coach, you couldn't be in better hands.


The Roundtable™ membership is limited to just 20 people.


Your Roundtable membership includes: 

  • Monthly Q&A's with global leadership titans (combo of virtual and in-person)
  • Monthly LIVE high-performance training for you and your entire team (virtual)
  • Monthly roundtable mastermind's with your exclusive peers (combo of virtual and in-person)
  • Ask James Mondays, where you get to send any leadership or coaching questions to James directly
  • 2x HPL™ LIVE event passes

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The Roundtable™ membership is limited to only 20 leaders.


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The Lead On Purpose Podcast with James Laughlin

Check out James' podcast that is globally ranked in the top 3% of all shows and consistently ranks in the Apple Podcasts top 10 charts.


James interviews former presidents & prime ministers, fortune 200 CEO's and global leadership titan's.

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