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The Seven Laws of Leadership‚ĄĘ:

Guiding Principles for Leading Others


Harnessing the Power of Influence Through Actionable Leadership Laws

Future-proof your organisation


The Seven Laws of Leadership programme is brought to you by James Laughlin, a multiple-time World Champion, international keynote speaker and mental skills coach for Canterbury Rugby. 


The most valuable asset in any organisation doesn't appear on the balance sheet. That's right, it's your people who are your most important component. They can also be your biggest liability.


When you create a culture of belonging and leadership, you are forming the foundation for long-term success. Staff retention increases, engagement sky-rockets, customer satisfaction improves, revenue increases and the culture becomes magnetic.


The teams and organisations who talk about developing a culture of leadership are the ones who experience increased staff turnover, a lack of belonging, higher recruitment costs, revenue challenges and low performance.


The organisations who walk the talk, and actually invest in their leaders' development, reap the rewards of high-performance.


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How the programme works:

1. Deep-dive

Your entire leadership team will connect with James for a day-long interactive masterclass, in-person. They will walk away enthused, engaged and equipped with a shared leadership language, approach and model.

2. integration

Each leader will be challenged to continue their leadership journey by self-evaluating on a weekly basis with the Leadership templates that James provides. Your entire leadership team will be equipped with monthly senior leadership evaluation templates.

3. long-game

An additional option for organisations that are committed to high-performance leadership is quarterly or six-monthly leadership labs with James. This includes group evaluation, de-brief and tactical mapping.

More about the Workshop

In the dynamic Seven Laws of Leadership programme, James Laughlin distills the essence of effective leadership into seven foundational laws: Example, Communication, Growth, Decision, Possibility, Empathy, and Clarity. This half-day workshop is designed to empower leaders with a shared vernacular of leadership, fostering unity, understanding, and effectiveness in guiding teams towards common goals.

Elevate your leadership and your team's performance with the "Seven Laws of Leadership" workshop. Gain the insights, tools, and shared language necessary to lead with confidence and influence.

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what others have to say
about James Laughlin Leadership 

Sam Whitelock

New Zealand's most capped Professional Rugby Player


One of the biggest things I enjoyed about being a part of James' programme was the connection that everyone had which created a really special space for everybody to be vulnerable. It allowed me to stop and think, and really say what was on my mind.

Christopher Boyle

Founder of Fabrum.


The Seven Laws of Leadership was a consumable way of drawing people to personal responsibilities and actions within their control to either influence or change. It worked by creating think space, some take home actions, and segwayed into discussions where team members could voice their concerns/frustrations/thoughts on subjects that may have been considered taboo in the workplace.


I would recommend this programme because it's simple, meaningful and impactful.

Sgt Cam Lee

New Zealand Army


James is an utter professional and his engagement with the group really felt like it was on a deeper level. He managed to ask the tough questions and extract the passionate answers from people who I have not seen be vulnerable in group settings before.


He also gave us the mental tools as an organisation to equip us to be the best, and did so in a way that has inspired us to want to do so. 

Secure a seat at the leadership table for your team.

James only delivers this programme to ten organisations each year. Ensure that your organisation has the skillset, mindset and leadership to thrive over the long term. James has delivered thousands of hours of coaching and training to highly successful CEO's, professional athletes and high-performing organisations. 


As a seven-time world champion and sought-after coach, you couldn't be in better hands.


The Seven¬†Laws of Leadership programme‚ĄĘ is limited to just 10¬†organisations each¬†year.



  • Day-long interactive masterclass in-person, with James Laughlin, for your leadership team.
  • Access to leadership language, insights and strategies
  • Weekly self-leadership¬†evaluation templates for your team members.
  • Monthly¬†team-leadership¬†evaluation templates for your organisation.


  • An additional option for organisations that are committed to high-performance leadership is quarterly or six-monthly leadership labs with James. This includes group evaluation, de-brief and tactical mapping in-person.
  • ¬†

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This programme is limited to only 10 organisations annually.



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