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He's a seven-time world champion musician, author and personal coach to multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, world champion athletes, leaders and everyday people. His coaching has transformed people's lives by helping them love more fully, grow exponentially, serve unconditionally and achieve financial abundance.

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Sam Whitelock

Professional Rugby Player

What James does really well as a coach and facilitator is knowing when to chuck a grenade in the middle to see what happens and then combining that with knowing when to sit back and say nothing.


Dr Jen Warner

Rural & Remote Physician

Over the years I have worked with James I have found his reflections and insights invaluable!

His intuitive and giving nature helped me to successfully transition into new personal, professional and business opportunities.

He has a keen ability to ensure that I remain accountable through his processes and I find that I have a much better ability to achieve the goals that I set out. 

Brad Yates

Business Owner

I would recommend James as a coach to any leader, and at the end of the day, leaders need to be able to improve themselves to be the best they can possibly be. James understands that it’s a constant, never ending journey to be the best version of yourself and that’s why I would recommend him. If you’re a leader reading this then you need to get started with James.

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A little about James...

  • Former seven-time world champion.
  • Leading expert in maximising human potential.
  • Founder of the New Zealand Leaders' Mastermind™.
  • Coach to CEO's, elite athletes and high performing teams.
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Transformative Coach.
  • Host of the Life On Purpose podcast - interviewing the worlds greatest leaders. 

Will Franks

Colliers International

James is the ultimate professional at how he goes about his coaching, he’s very talented at bringing the best out in   people and keeping the focus on high performance activities,   he’s also extremely easy to connect with, couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Leslie Bost


James has guided me to breaking records, reducing stress and loving where I am in my career.  I am now loving the same journey that used to keep me awake at night.  

He is an impeccable coach and has walked me through personal lifestyle changes. His coaching strategies help get me back on track when I get derailed by showing me how to take one step at a time and how to break a situation down into smaller pieces so the changes are not overwhelming. 

Peter Dalman

Co-Founder of Workable & Managing Director of Finesse

James is an outstanding coach, and his methodical and holistic approach facilitates identification of signal form noise, and how to fine tune and develop certain aspects of your business / life. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to level up their leadership skills.

Let James help you:

  • Implement world-class habits to take charge of your health, mindset and relationships.
  • Go from feeling unmotivated and lost, to driven and free.
  • Lead yourself and others with passion.
  • Find your purpose.
  • Turn your boredom and uncertainty into passion and decisiveness.
  • 10X your productivity
  • Create radical accountability so you can follow through on your dreams and fully execute.
  • Establish life-long routines and strategies to achieve a whole new level of joy, happiness and abundance.
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  • A deep-dive monthly LIVE session with James where he delivers his best techniques, strategies and habits. He will impart his greatest lessons on leadership, motivation, mindset, abundance, health, habit installation and creating a lasting legacy.
  • Free replays of all monthly livecasts - each replay will stay in the members area for six months after it is published.
  • High-impact worksheets for you to take the lessons you learn each month and implement them into your life or business.
  • Weekly planning emails and worksheets.
  • Weekly self-evaluation emails and worksheets.
  • Weekly journal prompts.
  • Monthly Planning emails and worksheets.
  • BONUS #1: Instant access to James' proven L.I.F.E. eBook and Framework including a mini-course to ensure you know how to implement it.
  • BONUS #2: Free access to the L.I.F.E. mini-course - to create a legacy you're proud of, maximise your fulfillment, double down on your impact and supercharge your energy.
  • BONUS #3: Frameworks and tools to implement in your life so you can create massive momentum.


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