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High-Performance Leadership Programme

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Every high performing leader thinks about, ponders and strategises to accomplish one thing. Growth! Do you? 

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You deserve to lead life on your terms

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After completing the HPL™ programme, you'll understand how to:
  • Embrace a gargantuan competitive advantage.
  • Powerfully influence those around you.
  • Radically multiply your productivity.
  • Master monomaniacal focus.
  • Create a magnetic organisational culture.
  • Skilfully navigate adversity like a pro.
  • Craft a compelling vision.
  • Install high performance habits for that slight edge.

HPL™ is essential for leaders who want to:

  • Cultivate the habits to maximise their wellbeing, mindset and peer-relations.
  • Develop world-class personal leadership
  • Build a high-performance culture.
  • Curate an inspiring vision.

What is HPL™?

HPL™ is the ultimate programme for high performing leaders who are committed to excellence, exponential growth and deepening their authentic influence.

HPL™ is designed to equip leaders with the mindset, heart-set and skill-set to sustain high-performance over the long-term.

Develop a deeper understanding of how the world's great visionary leaders think, how they traverse adversity, how they motivate themselves and their teams, how they plan for success and how they make growth a part of their DNA.

This immersive experience equips participants to maximise their personal leadership, increasing their leadership influence. Your facilitator is James Laughlin, a high performance leadership expert and seven-time world champion.

James is deeply passionate about the future of leadership and has spent several years interviewing former world leaders, fortune 200 CEO's, professional athletes and game-changers.  During his interviews, and thousands of leadership coaching conversations, James has discovered that seven core pillars of high performance leadership underpin all great leaders and organisations.

What's covered over the 2 days?

Pillar 1


  • You will learn about the importance of vision as a leader and how to build your own.
  • You will craft your Origin story and learn how to use it to your advantage.
  • You will learn the Seven Levels Deep Technique.
  • You will Reverse Engineer your goals and set yourself up for success.


Pillar 2 


  • You will begin to define what desire means to you, and how you can use this to your advantage as a leader.
  • You will learn about being the Best In Field. I share some of the top tips and strategies that I have learnt from former Head's of State, professional athletes and entrepreneurs.
  • One skill ALL leaders need to have, is the ability to make decisions under pressure. This will be a key focus in this lesson.
  • You will put together a Plan for Adversity. How will you move forward when unfortunate circumstances come your way? How will you lead yourself, your family and your team?


Pillar 3


  • Defining your beliefs is a key focus. We will go over old beliefs and how to create new ones.
  • You will learn about Emotional Visualisation and how to use this powerful tool to envision your future self.
  • Build up your PVJ. Your Personal Victory Journal. This is what some call your "cookie jar". This is a vital step in leadership mastery!
  • Incantations. This is one of the most powerful tools you can use to create unwavering belief and motivation.


Pillar 4 


  • You will define your M.V.P. Your most valued priority. What is your main focus?
  • Boundary Boss. You will learn all about boundaries, what they are and why you need them as a leader.
  • You will learn how to install boundaries and then enforce them in a kind and caring way.


Pillar 5 


  • We will define what habits are, and why they are so important as a leader. After all, you ARE your habits!
  • You will learn how to do your own R.E.M.S. report. You will learn how to implement this tool in your daily life.
  • You will learn about habit installation. This is a fundamental lesson for all leaders.
  • Time to get your REPS in! You will learn about a theory to achieve mastery and how to implement it.
Pillar 6


  • You will define your 5 year vision.
  • You will learn how to construct your 12-month timeline for ultimate success.
  • You will learn my formula for Weekly Reflection. Why is this so important? We will learn about weekly reflection and the power it holds for leaders.
  • Your daily ME plan. This is one of my favourite tools for self-evaluation and ensuring my day goes to plan.
Pillar 7


  • You will learn a simple formula to ensure you continue to grow as a leader.
  • We will build your board of directors to help mentor and guide you through your journey as a leader.
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HPL™ is for you if you're...



  • Looking for that competitive edge in work and life 

  • Committed to creating a high-performance culture

  • A leader or aspiring leader within your organisation

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Previous Special Guest Speakers

Sir John Key - Former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Sir Steve Hansen - Former Manager for the All Blacks

Ali Adams - CEO of ChristchurchNZ

Kieran Read - Former All Blacks Captain





A little about James...

  • Former seven-time world champion.
  • Leading expert in High Performance Leadership
  • Founder of the High Performer's Club™.
  • Coach to CEO's, elite athletes and high performing teams.
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Transformative Coach.
  • Host of the Lead On Purpose podcast - interviewing the worlds greatest leaders. 

James is incredibly motivating and inspiring. After having the opportunity to attend HPL, I finished the week in super thinking mode, taking the time to reflect and reaccess my goals, motivations and purpose. I came out of the week feeling more inspired, ready to break a few bad habits and create some new ones, setting my targets a little higher with the steps in place to achieve them. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to attend the HPL course or connect with James when you get the chance.

- Gabrielle Boyd

James delivered a powerful and engaging session with our NZ team last week. The feedback from our team was great and I had so many personal takeaways and reminders on a range of fronts. I left inspired and energized and now look forward to putting the learnings into place. James put a lot of care and attention to ensure he hit the brief and he is a real professional. Should anyone want to reach out to discuss further I would be happy to! Thanks James, your a great guy to match the amazing content!

- Shaun McCambridge 

James keeps the workshop flowing with a blend of humour, discipline and real-world examples. I'd thoroughly recommend him!

- Lee Stevens